Application Criteria

We request you ride by any rental of interest before contacting us to schedule an appointment!

How to apply after you've looked at the property with an agent:

  1. Click on Rentals/Apps above. Select Property. Scroll to the bottom of that page and choose Apply For This Unit.
  2. Any adult living in the property who's not a dependent must submit an application.
  3. Fill out information and enter payment. You'll get a message that the payment has not processed. We'll receive notification that you've submitted an application and we'll then approve the payment to be processed.
  4. When payment has processed, an email will be sent to you requesting permission to complete credit and background checks.
  5. When all information has been gathered, including previous landlords and income verification, you'll receive a call from us to discuss the results.

What are our rental requirements?

  • Monthly income must be at least 3x the rental amount. (Some properties require 4x monthly rent)
  • Cannot have previous evictions
  • Cannot have previous utility collections
  • Certain properties may have other requirements

What is our application process?

  1. We require you to do a walk through of the property with one of our agents.
  2. Once you've looked at the property fill out an application on our website.
  3. We will begin processing your application.
  4. If application is approved, we will contact you to make arrangements for security deposit payment and schedule a lease signing.

What is our application fee?

  • $30 application fee if submitted online
  • $35 application fee if completed on paper in office
  • The application fee is PER applicant.

How many people need to apply?

  • Whoever intends to be on the lease agreement needs to submit an application. Typically anyone age 19 or older needs to apply.

Do we have properties that accept section 8?

  • We currently only have one apartment complex that accepts section 8. It is located at 425 West Tennessee Street in Florence, Al.

What is our credit score requirement?

  • Each property varies. Most properties are mainly looking at your payment history and not the score itself.

How do I schedule a showing?

  • First we recommend you drive by the property you're interested in to make sure you like the area.
  • Once you've driven by the property, you can TEXT 256-648-5511 or CALL 256-718-2000 to schedule a showing.
  • Our agents typically schedule showings a day or two in advance.